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The Beast In A Suit Coming this Friday!

Coming this Friday, November 2, 2018, THE BEAST IN A SUIT (A Contemporary Tale)

She’s no damsel. He’s no prince. Can their love still be strength enough to save them both?

Twenty years later, and the hole inside Emeline’s soul only got bigger, mourning the loss of her mother and brother and what could have been. A stranger comes along with changes to a career she loves, but will it be for the better and will he end up changing her, too?

Adam has been closed off to the world for nearly two decades, existing but not living. He doesn’t even realize the shell of a man he’s become until a woman he’s slowly falling for makes him examine his own reflection.

A modern twist on a classic tale filled with desire, passion, and one dangerous obsession.

Friday, October 26, 2018

@evernightpub @LaceeHightower Guest Blogger Lacee Hightower with SAVING GRACE

Please welcome my Guest Blogger Lacee Hightower with SAVING GRACE.

“Be a good girl,” my mother always said.  And I did.
Until Reese Gentry looked my way.
Eyes holding a beautiful guarantee of wicked unchaste, sin and sex. 
Smile flashing shameless bliss and obscene desire. 
Hands offering sweet pleasure and bitter punishment.
Sometimes even the good girl next door needs a dirty secret.
With no clingy strings, I’ll willingly give him what he wants, when he wants it, wherever he wants it.
But strings are sometimes broken.
Reese Gentry is used to two things.  Getting what he wants … and repeating.
But then life has its own ideas.
Two years pass, and he’s back.  But I’m no longer that spirited girl from the past. 
Those days were only the beginning of my story.
Those days were before I was left a … slut.

Adult Excerpt:
My body is instantly on fire, my heart thundering. Temptation slides through my core as his hand creeps down my torso, reaching underneath my dress and brushing over the damp fabric of my panties. I feel his intensity, his dominance. This power he has.  It’s who he is.  Who he’s always been.  I want him. His hands on me. Inside me. No more doubt. No worrying. No jealousy.
“I need you, Reese,” I whisper, watching the blue in his eyes, the expression on his face, both shameless hot seduction.
I love you so damn much.
“Open your legs, Graycee,” his voice lowers, “so I can give you what you need.”
I open my legs and a finger, then two, slides inside my panties, pushing into my sex so deep that I think I might shatter. “Oh, God, Reese. Feels so good.”
“Shh, baby.” There’s a command to his voice as his palm cups my mouth to quieten me while his fingers push and thrust, his thumb doing crazy insane circling motions over my clit. He kisses at the tender spot just below my ear, knowing just how much that tiny move affects me. “Now I’m going to lick all that modesty and lingering doubt out of you. And you, Graycee, are going to stay very quiet.”
Dropping to his knees, he urges my dress up and slides my panties to the side. Burying his face against my cleft, his tongue pushes into me. He’s rough and urgent, greedy and fierce, like wicked voodoo, licking, stroking, teasing, doing everything that I crave. I can barely breathe, so lost in Reese, this connection between us something way deeper than sex. My fingers automatically wind through his hair as my hips seethe around the firm movements of his mouth. We’re staring at each other like there’s no other person in existence. Like a hundred or more people aren’t footsteps away from us.
“Oh my God. Reese. No more. Not here.” The smooth sleekness of his tongue licks through me, inside me, slowly.  Quickly.  Then slow once again before flickering over my clit as he pulls me hard against him, his hands tightening against my hips. 
“Don’t ever do that to yourself again,” he says in a voice that’s heavy with intensity. “Or to me, Graycee. Don’t let that man, or the past, control you. You’re stronger than that. You’re stronger than he ever was.” He licks through my sex again, stopping at my clit. I rake my nails through the sides of his hair, my pleasure building. Consuming me.
“Reese, this is crazy. You’re going to make me come.”
“Yes, I am. And you’re going to stay silent. And then, when we get home, I’m going to make you come again, until you scream my name.”
His lips cover my sex, and I’m instantly grinding against his mouth, squeezing my eyes shut, stirring with twenty sensations as he delves deep inside, his hands all over me. I’m shamelessly writhing, my sex clenching with every impatient thrust. Too late to care where we are or how many people are only feet away, he’s tonguing me into a shattering orgasm. My body spasms around him, my nails drilling into his shoulders as I bite down on my lip, choking back a scream. He pulls me closer to his face, his lips still sealed tight. My sex convulsing, my entire lower body trembling. When I open my eyes again, only feet away from me, his gaze dark and evil, is none other than Rodney.
“Reese!” I push at him, lowering my dress.
“Rodney! He was there! Right there!”

About the Author:
Lacee Hightower is an American writer and romance novelist, referring to her style as contemporary, sweet romance with a “twist.” Living in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, she describes herself as a foodie that can’t cook, a large lover of fashion and SHOES, and an enormous hopeless romantic.  Since she was old enough to know what the word meant, she loved the whole concept of romance and happy endings. Even though she has always enjoyed writing, life got in the way and she never really thought of pursuing it seriously until she decided to write her first book after both her children were grown in 2017.  Now with a nice glass of wine in hand, or not, she is learning to love bringing the characters in her head to life on paper for those who enjoy peeking into another world.

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Instagram – laceehightower8786
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Guest Blogger Nicola M. Cameron with Shifter Woods: Snarl @YesItsNicolaC

Please welcome my Guest Blogger Nicola M. Cameron with Shifter Woods: Snarl.

Can a lone wolf woo and win his very own kitty girl, or will he get turned into cougar chow?
Jack Hawthorne is an Alpha wolf shifter and former SEAL who lost the leadership of his pack while serving his country. Kate Chandler is a cougar shifter with no sense of smell and a deep-seated distrust of fated mates. When these two are thrown together at the Cougar Ridge Ski Resort in Esposito County, NM, Jack realizes that the sharp-witted, beautiful female is his heart’s mate. But her injury means she can’t smell the truth, and her father (and Jack’s former commanding officer) has made it clear that Kate is off limits.
Now, Jack has to convince Kate that they’re meant for each other, win her father’s approval, and get the local wolf pack to accept him. But as every SEAL knows, the only easy day was yesterday.
Excerpt available here.
  • Paranormal, Erotic Romance
  • Word Count: 30,000
  • Heat Level 4
  • Published By: Belaurient Press
Books in the Shifter Woods series:


Where to Buy


Kate arched her back, pressing a lace-encased breast against his hand. “I seem to remember you saying something about SEALs only needing one hand for bra hooks. Want to prove it?”
Jack's grin could only be called predatory. He slid a hand under her spine, the pressure of her bra band easing as he undid the hooks. “Less than five seconds,” he said smugly. “That’s a new personal best.”
“I’m impressed.”
He rested his hand on her ribcage, thumb and index finger cupping the underside of her breast. “Oh, trust me, I can do more than that.” Bending down, he took the fabric of her bra in his teeth and tugged it loose, exposing her. “Woof,” he mumbled through the material before spitting it over the side of the bed.
She chortled. “You animal.”
“Guilty as charged. God, you’re gorgeous.”
Leaning down again, he ran the tip of his tongue over one dark pink peak, delicately flicking it. It hardened, the pleasure arrowing between her legs and making her inner muscles clench. “Ooooh.”
“You liked that?”
“Oh, yeah. Do it again.”
He did, licking and suckling while his fingers teased the other nipple, rolling it before giving it a soft pinch. She melted into a happy puddle under his talented attentions, feeling his own arousal growing as the ridge in his jeans pressed against her lower thigh. Sliding her fingers into his hair, she gently scratched his scalp before slipping down further and touching his ears. She heard/felt the rumble of pleasure as she ran a fingertip over the curve of one ear. “These are so cute. I bet your team nickname was Wolfman.”
He He let a nipple pop out of his mouth, the air cooling it quickly. “No bet. They’re round, but the cartilage never folded over completely so they look pointed from some angles.”
He She repeated her caress and was rewarded with a soft hiss. “They’re also sensitive.”
He “Yeah, they are—Kate.” Her name ended on a gasp as she traced the edge of the soft cartilage. “Baby, you keep doing that and I won’t be responsible for what happens.”
He “So don’t be. Give it all to me. I want it.”
He He leaned up, capturing her mouth in another of those lush, greedy kisses. “I’ll give it to you, everything you want,” he said against her lips. “But let me enjoy this, okay? I’ve been dreaming of you since the day I saw you.” She made a wordless noise of agreement. He returned to her breasts, giving both her nipples the slightest teasing bite before kissing his way down her stomach, her navel, until he reached the waistband of her jeans. “Permission to take these off, ma’am?”
He She stroked his hair again, enjoying the softness of it. “Granted.”
He He made quick work of the button and fly zipper, sliding the tight denim down and stripping it off her legs. She was grateful she’d worn the matching panties to the bra, a pretty bikini style with lace around the edges. He sat back on his knees, licking his lips. “Fuck. Blue lace. That’s my favorite, baby.”
He She shifted one leg, opening her thighs in unmistakable invitation. “You haven’t even seen the best bit yet.”
He Even in the room’s dim light his smile glowed. “Anyone ever tell you you’re a cocktease, Ms. Chandler?”
He “Mm, it may have been mentioned once or twice.”
He He slid his fingers under the blue satin, sending a shiver of anticipation across her hips as he slowly pulled her panties down, tossing them to the floor alongside her bra and jeans. The coolness of the air chilled the hot, damp flesh between her legs, and she sucked in a shuddering breath when he ran his fingertips over her outer lips. Bringing his hand up, he sniffed it with delight. “Oh, yeah. You smell so good.”
He In any other situation the reminder of her disability would sting, but now all she could feel was a wriggling sort of glee. “What do I smell like?”
He He inhaled her essence on his fingers again. “Like salt mixed with something tangy and sweet. I’ll be honest, it’s making my mouth water.”
He She rubbed her foot along his side. “Well, if it smells that good…”
He Growling softly, he slid down between her thighs, wedging them open with his shoulders.

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 Had such a great time this weekend at this fabulous event. Already looking forward to next year. So, if you missed it this year, or want to attend again next year, then start planning now for September 21, 2019!

Here are some highlights for ya! 

And then there was the after party ... Costumed after party. :) 

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Friday, October 12, 2018

#TNTNYC2018 I'm Staten Island Bound for an awesome signing event! #TNTNYC18

Saturday October 13, 2018!

It's finally here! The Tempted and Tantalizing in Staten Island event is finally here! I'm so excited to be part of this event again. For those of you coming, I can't wait to meet you. And if you can't make it this year, next year's event is already being planned and is happening September 19, 2019. And yep, I plan on being there signing again. 

If you are attending, I'll be raffling off an awesome prize at my table.
Last year, I got a whole bunch of signatures from some fabulous attending authors and this year, It's part of my giveaway, along with a bottle of Rose Wine and a tote. Every book purchase gets a raffle ticket.
So excited!!!!!!