Saturday, December 30, 2017

Happy New Year!!!

What a year this has been. A year of many firsts, that's for sure. I had my first ever signing at The Tempted and Tantalizing event in Staten Island.

My second signing at Riveting Reads Australia. 

And oh yeah...I went to Australia!!! 

I cuddled a koala, fed and played with some kangaroos, explored the beautiful Tamborine Mountains and so much more. One of the highlights though, was not just seeing the fabulous sights, but also meeting some wonderful authors and readers at the signing and cocktail party and getting to spend some time with some of them, especially getting to meet one of my SME sisters in person for the first time, Maia Dylan, and let me tell you, once we got our other SME sista, Sarah Marsh, on the phone, we had some serious plot bunnies forming. The trip definitely left a lasting impression on me and I am already planning my next visit. There are just some places in this world too beautiful to visit only once and Australia is one of them. 

Coming up in 2018

I had several releases this year and ended the year off with three acceptances for early next year. Arctic Spirit (Arctic Ice #1) is the start of a brand new MFM Tiger Shifter series. This was previously released in an anthology and now contains some added content, including a sneak peek at another series which will be set in the same world. There will be at least 3 books in each of these two series, so next year's writing schedule is looking very full.

In addition to the above series, In Fair Brighton (Star-Crossed Mafia #1) is also the first in a series, about you guessed it, star-crossed lovers from opposing households in the mob, but as with all of my romance stories you can definitely expect mine to end with a happily ever after. I can't tell you how excited I am about this new series. Book 2 is already outlined and there are definitely ideas brewing for books 3 and 4.

And also coming out in early 2018 is book 5 in the Beyond The Veil Series: Fighting Faete. Maia, Sarah, and I are already working on book 6 and there is a 7 in the works, too.
The three of us will also be featured in an anthology due out in may, titled Down and Dirty. 22 authors in total. More details are coming soon, but I can definitely share that it's going to be HOT HOT HOT!

I can't tell you how absolutely grateful I am to all of you wonderful beautiful readers for choosing The Beyond The Veil Series as one of your favorite series in the 2017 Evernight Readers' Choice Awards. This award means so much to me and my lovely writing partners. This series has been such a blast collaborating with them and we have our SME Street Team to thank for this! We are so grateful for you guys.

I want to wish you all a very happy and healthy NEW YEAR. May 2018 be amazing!!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

#Slingwords and #SeasonofSeduction

BOXING DAY CELEBRATION! Boxed sets galore for your reading pleasure. You need to load your e-reader to get through the rest of the winter. (You know you NEED to.)
#Slingwords #SeasonofSeduction #SCK2
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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Happy Holidays!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you wonderful readers.
Here's something to warm you up during this holiday season.
Ring in the holidays this year with this collection of steamy to sexy scintillating reads from today’s hottest bestselling authors. Whether you’re looking for a romance by the warm glow of the fireplace or a passionate romp on a bear skin rug, there is something for all readers, for every taste, desire, and whim.

Come and join us, won’t you? This is sure to be a Season... of Seduction.


She’s no damsel. He’s no prince. Can their love still be strength enough to save them both?

Twenty years later, and the hole inside Emeline’s soul only got bigger, mourning the loss of her mother and brother and what could have been. A stranger comes along with changes to a career she loves, but will it be for the better and will he end up changing her, too?

Adam has been closed off to the world for nearly two decades, existing but not living. He doesn’t even realize the shell of a man he’s become until a woman he’s slowly falling for makes him examine his own reflection.

A modern twist on a classic tale filled with desire, passion, and one dangerous obsession.

  As soon as the elevator door slid open, he pulled her to him and fused his lips to hers again, walking her backwards inside. His roaming hands were bolder now, cupping her breast with one hand, and her ass with the other. She thought she may actually come just from him touching her. Then she realized once again they weren’t moving.
   With a giggle against his lips, she said, “You have to press nine.”
   “Oh, right.” He pressed the button for her floor and then pushed her up against the wall.
   She felt his hard length pressing against her and emboldened herself to slide her hand in between them. He groaned when her hand made contact and then ground himself into her hand, moaning in her mouth as they feverishly kissed.
   “God, I’ve wanted you for so long, Emeline.”
   “I’ve wanted you, too,” she breathed.
   The doors slid open. He clasped her hand in his and together they briskly walked the few feet it took to get to her apartment. Once again, he was the one who opened her door. The moment they stepped inside and shut the door, their hands and lips were on each other once again. It was dark, but the lights from the street illuminated enough.
   Her keys along with her clutch were thrown on the floor. Toed off shoes came right before he hoisted her up to straddle his hips, carrying her toward her hallway.
   “Closet,” she said when he opened up the wrong door.
   He cursed. “I’m going to take you in that damned closet!”
   He didn’t. He continued to her bedroom, which was open, and stopped right beside the bed in the center of the room, letting her slide down to stand. Her knees felt weak, but he supported her.
   He cursed again when he couldn’t get her belt open.
  “There’s a catch inside in the back.” She turned around and then felt his fingers slide inside the belt.
   “Good. It’d be a shame to rip this pretty dress.”
   It would, but she wanted it off as badly as he did. Thankfully, he found the catch and the belt snapped open and fell in a light clang on the floor. At least the zipper was easy enough to slide down. He did it slowly, lavishing kisses down the open trail, and then he slid the straps down her shoulders, and then the dress down her body, bending down to steady her as she stepped out of it.
   He didn’t touch her right away when he stood back up. She heard the ruffling of clothes behind her and when he turned her around to face him, he stood shirtless and she got her first look at his naked chest and washboard abs. There was a light scattering of blonde hair on his chest. She reached out with both hands and placed them on his shoulders and then she glided them down slowly, exploring the hard muscle underneath. She looked up at him when her hand reached the button of his pants and found him staring intently at her, hungrily.
   He leaned down to capture her mouth again. This time the kiss was slow and explorative as they shed the rest of their clothes, along with the pins in her hair and the tie in his. Her nipples felt like hard points, pressed against his warm, naked body, making her shudder, his unsteady breaths matching her own.
   Finally, he lifted her up again as he crawled onto her bed and then gently laid her down underneath him. He kissed her lips, her neck, and then her ear. “You’re so fucking beautiful,” he whispered in her ear. He trapped her hands above her head, as he began his slow descent down her body, delivering open mouthed kisses down her jaw, to her neck, and then finally stopping at her breasts.
   Emeline moaned loudly when Adam bit down on her nipple and then louder still when he laved away the sting. He then gifted her other breast with the same attention. He released her hands and travelled further down her body, kissing, nipping, licking as he went, until he reached her center, his soft beard adding an extra sensation.
   Her body bowed when his mouth connected with the most private part of her and he was relentless, devouring her as he had her mouth. He teased her tight bundle of nerves with just the tip of his tongue before finally laving all around.
   With one hand in his hair and the other fisting the sheets beside her, she rode out his torture, chasing her completion, his large hands holding her inner thighs steady. When he sucked hard on her clit, she screamed, and moved her head from side to side, as her climax hit her with a force like she’d never felt before.
   Adam moaned against her, licking and kissing until her legs stopped quivering. After one final intimate kiss, he crawled back up her body and took her lips again. “You see how delicious you taste? Better than the sweetest honey.”
   Even his words set her on fire, and again, the ache was stirring despite the amazing orgasm he had just given her with his talented tongue. And she did like the taste of herself, especially since it was mixed in with his taste, one she was already becoming addicted to.

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Friday, December 22, 2017

@AuthorHKCarlton Xmas Spouse Swap by H K Carlton

Please welcome my guest blogger today, HK Carlton with XMAS SPOUSE SWAP.

Xmas Spouse Swap
H K Carlton

Published By: eXtasy Books
Word Count: 18,875
Publication Date: December 18, 2017
Genre: holiday/seasonal, erotica, spouse swapping
Heat Level: 4 flames

Thank you so much for hosting today. I'd like to wish you and your readers a Happy Holiday filled with all the Blessings of the Season. 

Today, I've brought along, twins Siri and Iris, who decide to give their husbands the ultimate gift — a festive spouse swap.

If you decide to give this story a read and you enjoy it—and I hope you do—you might be interested to know, I'm working feverishly on a sequel.


Meet the twins who take share and share alike to a whole new level…

Separated at the age of sixteen by selfish battling parents going through a bitter divorce, twin sisters Iris and Siri Beaulieu vow to never be apart on Christmas Eve, which is also their birthday.

Now grown and married and perhaps a bit bored with their husbands, the twins decide to give each other the ultimate birthday present by switching identities.

And one tipsy Christmas Eve leads to a twin swap the husbands will never forget.

Although it’s been done, many times, many ways… Merry Christmas to you!

Buy Links:
Coming soon to Amazon


“So it’s finally happened to you, too. Your little routine has turned blah. You wanna spice things up a little. Just like I do.” 

“Not like that, I don’t.” 

“You can’t keep your eyes off of my husband, Iris. I’m not blind. And that blush when you and Kyle first arrived, I mean, come on.” 

“My cheeks were merely rosy from the cold,” Iris lied. 


“Are we going to decorate that poor tree over there, or what, ladies?” Kyle asked when the wood in the fireplace finally lit. 

“Absolutely, you guys get started,” Siri said. 

“Oh, I get it, this is going to be like last year, and you’ll both sit back here, drink wine and ogle the man-candy? I see. It’s cool. Some guys would find it demeaning.” Kyle lifted up his t-shirt and flashed them his abs. “I, for one, have zero hang-ups about the former Beaulieu sisters seeing me as nothing more than a piece of meat. Prime rib, right here, ladies.” 

“You call that prime?” Brett snorted. “More like ground round. Now, this... this is Grade A!” The generally more reserved man shocked the shit out of Iris by raising the hem of his cream-colored fishermen’s sweater giving them a little tease of the hidden six-pack beneath. 

Spontaneously, Iris gasped. Brett’s gaze flew to hers. 

Shit! Had she made that noise out loud? For the second time, her cheeks flamed with heat. 

Quickly, Iris averted her attention but made the mistake of making eye contact with her sister, who let out an evil chuckle if she’d ever heard one. 

Siri swirled her wine around her glass and grinned. “Interested in swapping now, sista-mine?”

Buy Links:
eXtasy Books
Coming soon to Amazon
and other vendors
I'll update links here as they become available

About the Author:

H K Carlton is a multi-published Canadian author of romance and its varied sub-genres. From naughty to nice, historical to contemporary, time travel to space travel, and everything in between.

Variety is creativity’s playground—It’s where you’ll find me.