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@evernightpub @AuthorLynnBurke Guest Blogger Lynn Burke with Abel's Obsession


When faced with truth beyond faith, Abel must decide where he belongs—with the Amish community, or the woman who owns his heart.

Abel Beiler's story came about while visiting my parents in Amish country this past April. While leaving for home early Sunday morning, I pulled up to a stop sign at a four-way intersection as horses labored to pull their Amish owners and families in their buggies to Sunday worship. 

One young man in an open buggy sat to my right at the stop sign, unsmiling, leaning forward, elbows on knees and reins slack in his hands. I had this overwhelming urge to smile at him, trying to bring a little sunshine to his miserable countenance. 
My plan didn’t work, and even though I was in an SUV with 3 children, the idea of Abel and Dani slammed into my brain, occupying my thoughts the whole way home. I voice-to-text in my phone’s notepad off and on the entire seven hour ride back to Massachusetts as Abel whispered his struggle to find himself in my brain.
Abel’s Obsession is by far the raunchiest story I’ve written to date, and I’m hoping the most eye-opening as well. An oppressed life isn’t a joyful one, and finding the strength to free yourself isn’t always easy. Neither is the choice to take wing and fly.

Abel's Obsession
Cover Art: Jay Aheer, Simply Defined Art
Release Date: August 30, 2017

Be Warned: BDSM, restraints, sex toys, anal sex, spanking

A young man of religious fervor and self-control, Abel Beiler has every intention of honoring his parents and being baptized into the Amish church. The woman with red curls and flashing green eyes in the back of a convertible, however, makes Abel wonder what life with the English might be like.
He strives to withstand temptation, but the memory of the woman he yearns to dominate, coupled with the explicit images in his cousin’s filthy magazine, threatens his restraint.
Red, his sinful obsession, haunts his shameful dreams and becomes a secret part of his life. When faced with truth beyond faith, Abel must decide where he belongs—with the Amish community, or the woman who owns his heart.


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Much later and hoarse from singing for two hours, my curiosity overrode my better sense, and I followed Eli into the hayloft of their barn. While I held the kerosene lamp, he climbed high into the rafters and returned with a magazine clutched in his hand.
“Got this from my new English friend, Toby.” He sat on a bale, opened the magazine, and turned it toward me.
Lust kicked me in the gut, and I couldn’t speak.
A naked woman lay spread eagle and bound by ropes to a bed, a blindfold and some sort of ball gag in her mouth. A man loomed over her, whip in hand. Tear streaks lined the woman’s face. Red slashes marked her thighs. Wetness coated the pink folds of her sex, glistening, and set my mouth to watering.
The image burned into my brain—submission in an entirely different way than the Old Order’s definition of the word. Spirituality is submission, is what had been reiterated in my ears since childhood. Self-surrender. The willingness to give up oneself to the community and Gott’s chosen leaders.
I soaked in the sinful picture, and for the first time in my life wanted power. Wanted control. I wanted a woman’s submission like the man in leather beside her owned. Unable to tear my gaze off the image, I struggled to swallow.
“Didn’t know people actually did this shit.”
Eli’s curse, the first I had heard from him, barely registered past the blood rushing in my ears. My body tensed as longing to be the man standing over that woman, whip in hand raced through me faster than any thoroughbred—or car.
The image of Red flashed in my mind, and suddenly it was her bound to the bed in the picture, breathing heavily, trembling, and begging for me…


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Lynn Burke is a full time mother, voracious gardener, and scribbler of spicy romance stories. A country bumpkin turned Bay Stater, she enjoys her chowdah and Dunkin Donuts when not trying to escape the reality of city life.

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@naomi_jay @evernightpub Guest Blogger Naomi Clark with On A Dark Tide

Please welcome my guest blogger Naomi Clark with On A Dark Tide.

Thanks for having me here today! I'm excited to share my latest Romance on the Go, ON A DARK TIDE, a story I constantly (and probably annoyingly) referred to as the Creepy Ocean Story whilst writing it. I'm a mermaid at heart. I love the ocean, whatever the season, whatever the weather. Nothing makes me feel as at peace or inspired as sitting by the shore. ON A DARK TIDE is one of several stories and books I've written with the ocean at its heart, and it won't be the last.

My jokey reference to it as the Creepy Ocean Story got me thinking about other creepy ocean stories. ON A DARK TIDE was partially inspired by that idea that the deep, vast ocean is concealing a very alien and inhospitable world from us - and that maybe we don't want to uncover it's secrets.

These three books share that theme, and were all incredibly formative reads for me growing up. Enjoy!

DAGON was one of the first stories Lovecraft wrote as an adult, back in 1917. Told from the point of view of a morphine addict recounting a horrific experience he had as a merchant marine, it's classic Lovecraft, encapsulated into a short but striking story. Adrift in an unknown region of the ocean, he finds "a slimy expanse of hellish black mire" thrown to the ocean's surface by a volcanic upheaval. Upon exploring the landmass, he discovers an inhumanly large monolith covered in hieroglyphics that suggest a terrifying truth about humanity. As he studies the monolith, an enormous creature emerges from the waters. Insane with fear, the man escapes, but is cursed to madness as fear of the creature consumes him.

This was the first Lovecraft story I ever read! It set me on a long and happy path of trying to make everyone I knew read Lovecraft (only partially succeeding). It's short enough that his sometimes purple prose doesn't grate on you, and leaves enough to the imagination that you can't help being fascinated by his submerged civilisations and cold, distant gods.


On a rather different note, we have TELLING THE SEA by Pauline Fisk. I must have read this dozens of times as a child. It's the story of Nona, who moves with her mother to a coastal village in Wales to escape an abusive partner. Isolated and lonely, Nona deals with her troubles by sharing them with the sea. But as life grows more complicated and no answers seem to be in sight, Nona does more than just talk to the sea...And soon her life is danger as the waters lure her in.

This is a YA book dealing with some heavy topics - domestic abuse and suicide, chiefly. I don't think I truly appreciated as a child how well those topics were addressed, but it's a book that's stayed in my memory my whole life. The setting and Nona's strange, difficult relationships, and her sanctuary in the sea, make this a one-of-a-kind book.


Oh man. If you want your high fantasy ripe with incest, have I got a book for you. Twins Valraven and Pharinet are heirs of a royal family cursed many hundreds of years before. Any woman married to Valraven was destined to become the Sea Wife, a being capable of commanding the vast powers of the sea dragons. Growing up, Val and Pharinet become lovers, and an intricate web of magic and betrayal engulfs them and everyone around them. 

I love this book, but it's definitely not for everyone. The nature of the sea dragons (are they real or just metaphors for the family's magic?) and the complex political intrigue make this an outstanding first book in the series. The rest of the trilogy drifts away from the ocean and the incredibly sinister dragons, sadly.

Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't share a snippet of my own Creepy Ocean Story with you now...

True crime podcasters Piper and Cam have travelled to the sleepy seaside town of Findlay to investigate the disappearance of a woman nearly a decade ago. The theories are wild—everything from murder to mermaids, and Piper is determined to get to the truth. Battling her fear of the ocean, Piper soon realizes Findlay has deeper, darker secrets than she could ever have believed. As she struggles to master her fear and deal with her unrequited love for Cam, Piper is lured into perilous waters. The truth waits beneath the waves—and Piper's fate waits with it. 

Be Warned: f/f sex

Cam,” Piper said again, almost wailing it as Cam took off back up the shore toward the town. Piper started after her, got her feet tangled in those grabby strands of seaweed, and toppled over. She landed face-first in the sand, grit and water-worn stones digging into her palms. “Shit!”

She lay there for a few seconds, berating herself for being so stupidly tongue-tied. Then she picked herself up and hugged herself against the bitter cold wind rushing off the waves. She could fix this. 
All she had to do was run after Cam and say … something. She didn’t know what, though. She still wasn’t sure what the hell had just happened. What Cam had expected to happen.

But she wouldn’t find out hanging around on the beach, would she?

She started walking, the distant lights of the town guiding her. She and Cam had come further than she realized, and night had swept in while they walked. She couldn’t even see Cam’s silhouette up ahead. But she couldn’t have gotten far, surely. Piper had only been down a minute.

Piper cupped her hands to her mouth. “Cam? Cameron!”

There was no answer. The wind shrieked down the bay, suddenly wild, and Piper flashed back vividly to her dream last night. She wondered if that’s all it had been, a howling gale invading her dreams. She glanced out across the ink-dark waters of the bay, watching the white caps rise and fall as the tide drove in. It was too easy to imagine being tossed around in those wild waves, mouth full of salt, lungs burning, body sinking and rising at the will of the water. It was too easy to imagine Dina Mackay walking into the sea...

Piper shivered, unsure where the idea came from. The wind rose and fell in strange harmony, filling her head with shipwrecks and yellowed bones polished by centuries of sand and water. She stopped looking for Cam, entranced and disturbed by the song of the bay. It did sound like voices, eerily so. Sweet, inhuman singing as the wind ripped through hidden caves and over knee-high banks of marram grass.

Dina could have heard that beautiful, awful music the night she went missing. She could have walked out of the Lobster Pot, just like Piper had tonight, pleasantly buzzed, and thought she heard voices down on the shore, out in the water.

Piper didn't remember moving, but the water lapped at her feet now, so either she’d moved or the tide had. She wasn’t sure. It didn’t matter. The singing swirled around her, warming her where the wind had chilled her. The water washed over her canvas shoes, soaking in and anchoring her to the shore. The singing pulled at her, dragged at her, as inexorable as the ocean.

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About the Author
Naomi likes writing, perfume, fancy tea, and unfathomable monsters from the dark spaces between the stars, not necessarily in that order. She has been writing stories ever since she learned how to write, but is still trying to master the art of biography writing. When she's not dealing with werewolves, demons, or sea monsters, she's hanging out with her cat and probably watching a documentary about Bigfoot. If the cat isn't available, she's with her fiancé watching cookery shows and silently plotting her next book.

Find me online:

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@Maiadylanauthor @avestep SuMMer Heat Anthology Release Blitz

Get ready for some SUMMER HEAT with 9 amazing MM authors!


9 stories from today’s hottest MM authors!
The sound of the water rushing onto the beach. The sunrises and sunsets that are reminiscent of a stunning postcard. As perfect as the idyllic setting is, there is still something missing that you can’t quite put your finger on.
Then across the beach, the bar, the pool, you catch sight of the man you let get away, or the first sight of your destiny, and your mind travels along a road that you don’t want to end.
But a summer love is just for the summer, isn’t it?
Join these NINE Best Selling MM authors as they take you on a journey of summer love at its best!
Twenty percent of all proceeds donated to The Trevor Project. Trevor provides valuable resources to LGBTQ youth who may not have anywhere else to turn.
WARNING: This title contains adult themes and gay sexual situations. It is intended for an adult audience.
Summer with My Billionaire Captor by Toby Aden
Shawn Pierce is a freelance photographer. He makes his living taking pictures of any and everything. A surprise visit from his estranged twin brother’s boss turns his life upside down. Billionaire Alejandro Rivera lives by the code, work hard and play harder, except, all he does is play. With his money managing itself and multiplying, he has no need to check up on it much less the know-how or so everyone thought, until he noticed amidst his vast wealth the huge chunk missing.
Tracking down the traitor Shane Pierce was the logical thing to do except he ended up with Shane’s identical twin Shawn. The gorgeous twink pushed all his buttons and Alejandro was not one to deny himself. Unwilling to let go of his leverage, Alejandro whisks Shawn to his private summer island, his prisoner until he gets what’s owed him.
House Party by Shea Balik
What happens when a reclusive, health conscious man meets his partying next door neighbor? Sparks fly!
His Fated Summer by Maia Dylan
Vaughan James was looking forward to chilling out at the beach, catching some sun, and relaxing on the first holiday he had taken in over eight years. He had expected to have some fun and maybe even indulge in a harmless summer fling, but never expected to find his Fated mate.
Luca Santos had no idea that the man who had saved him from an ass kicking was anything more than sex on two legs, with a fighting skill second to none. When he finds out that Vaughan has the ability to shift into a half ton bear he is amazed. He’s left speechless when Vaughan tells Luca that they are Fated mates.
But Luca is a man with secrets of his own, and they could get them both killed. Can the two of them face a danger from the past and find their way to a future together or will they succumb to the heat of their fated summer and lose their chance at forever?
Rendezvous in the South Pacific by A.M. Halford
ZANE McDOWELL is a hero to his small country hometown. He was quarterback of the high school football team, leading them to state three times in a row. He graduated second in his class, took a summer job at his dad’s auto repair shop, and right after high school he joined the Marines and served his nation. He has every right to be proud of himself, except there’s one part of him no one knows.  One part he’s kept locked away. He’s a gay sub. Hoping to escape the suffocating praise of his hometown and to step out of the closet for a bit, Zane travels to the South Pacific where no one knows him.
KACEY MATHEWS loves his little island paradise. Having escaped the overbearing reality of his home back in the states, Kacey has made a life for himself under the sun and is open about who he is. Being valedictorian was his only claim to fame back home, and he was well off without it. Here he wasn’t the nerd people ignored. Out here, he was just Kacey, the owner of Kacey’s Surf Bar.
These two, from the same hometown, are not expecting to find each other on this isolated island. For Zane, it’s a nightmare! His past has found him and he just knows Kacey is going to bring all those horrible memories back up. For Kacey, it’s a dream come true. He’d always had a small crush on the town hero that plagued his dreams in high school. Now he could finally act on those feelings. If Zane would only let him.
Simon’s Wolf by Ashley Malkin
Simon Lleyden has lived his life never quite fitting in. When the grandparents that raised him both pass, he no longer wants to live in the home they left to him. He takes a job as a Veterinarian, thousands of miles away in Canada, hoping to purge the sadness of their loss. It takes a chance meeting with a gravely injured wolf for his life to finally begin.
Hayes Temple ran away from his pack as a youth, not prepared to live as a slave under the tyrannical rule of his Alpha. When one of his pack begs him to return home and challenge the Alpha, for the sake of the pack, he reluctantly agrees. A decision he regrets when he’s betrayed and nearly killed.
Hayes’ regret only deepens when he finds his mate as he lay dying.
As Simon fights to save an injured wolf, he feels the heat of the summer for the first time. Their lives, their hearts and their souls become inextricably tangled as the heat rises.
If You Can’t Stand the Heat by Lisa Oliver
Stone, alpha wolf and tracker for the council, was on an unusual but easily completed job; pick up a runaway omega and return him to his home pack. Sounded simple enough but when Stone catches sight of Wyatt, living in a derelict cabin in the middle of nowhere, he knows his life is about to change.
Wyatt, omega wolf, has been on the run from a forced mating for three years; living hand to mouth, doing his best to raise his four-year-old sister, Maddie. Always watching over his shoulder, scared to answer his door, he has no idea how much his life will change when a stranger knocks on his door during a summer storm.
But Wyatt’s past isn’t about to let him go and when the council gets involved, Stone must do his best to protect the man who stole his heart and the sweet little girl who calls him Uncle. After all, if you can’t stand the heat….
Break Free by Frey Ortega
Tired of constant work and no play, Alex Flynn takes a much needed vacation to the Philippines. There he meets an extraordinary, secretive man. What will Alex do when he finds out his playmate is more than he seems?
Mechanical Heart by Cree Storm
Bryton's life was a good one. He had just opened his own salon and was living a happy, carefree life. That is, until his best friend decided that his dad's new employees were stealing from them and talked Bryton into breaking into their home looking for stolen goods.
His life took a sudden turn when some of the largest men he had ever seen charged in, with arms and hands shifted into MR15s. Bryton thought they were insane, when they explained they were from another planet and needed a defense mechanism fixed before their enemy found them and killed everyone. Bryton said, hell no.
He didn't care that he would like nothing better than to lick the one they called Valkin from head to toe...until one of the men pointed his gun at Bryton's chest.
Cirque de Carnival by Maggie Walsh
Cameron and Jordy Jensen run away from home because of a homophobic father, and find themselves with nowhere to go, no money, and no real knowledge of the outside world, since they been raised on an isolated farm. So, they decide to find their mother, who left them when they were small boys. Little did they know that they would end up in a world that even humans had no knowledge of.
Cameron had heard the old phrase “Run away with the circus” but never thought that a day would come that he actually would. When he and his brother, Jordy, finally find their mother, she is among a very tight knit group of people known as “Carnies” at the Cirque De Carnival. But this carnival is different from any other, for its freak show creatures are all real.
Cameron is quick to find that the members of his mother’s carnival are actually shifters, and among them is a very large, very dark, gorgeous man named Thorn Swan. Cameron can’t understand the pull he feels to be near the fierce wolf. Not being raised around other shifters, Cameron and Jordy have no idea what it means to be a mate.
When Thorn spots the two hooligans creeping around his carnival, he decides to follow them, and is shocked to find that one of them is his true mate. The one the fates made just for him. But Thorn is torn between wanting to protect his mate, and wanting to protect his family from the two strangers.