Wednesday, June 8, 2016


So, I've been a very busy bee.  Working on 4 projects at the same time now, which is a but nuts, but all of four stories are demanding my attention, including Ocean's Three, book 2 in my Made in Heaven series. 
I am also going to start working on book 3 of the Beyond The Veil series with my lovely partners in crime, Sarah Marsh and Maia Dylan.  That's right, because book 2 is done!  :)

Here is a blurb from Chasing Faete:

You know what they say … you can’t run away from your fate. But what if your fate tries to run away from you? If you're a wolf … you chase fate instead.

Erica’s been on the run from her parents’ murderer for years, but her luck at evading capture has finally run out.  She finds herself trapped by the man who tortured her for years, but she’s prepared to fight him rather than go back to the Fae King. She almost thinks she’s hallucinating when two wolf shifters appear out of nowhere to save her … but that could be the blood loss talking.
Leo and Ben were thrilled to stumble onto the scent of their mate as they were on a routine patrol. They follow their noses and barely find her in time, wounded and battling with a group of armed Fae. Life is about to get a whole lot more complicated when it comes to mating their little pixie.
Erica can’t deny the bond she feels with her wolves, but will the need to avenge her family and the fate of the Fae realm cost her the loves she’s waited so long to find? 

More to come on my other two projects soon.  But for now, have you checked out my other new release, THE SHADOW from the DARK CAPTIVE anthology?  I've been asked quite a few times to write stories about Brody Beckett's seal brothers and I am definitely considering it.  have several ideas rolling around including a possible MM.  

He came out of nowhere, like a shadow hiding in pitch darkness. Could he uncover the whole truth before he sentences her to a fate worse than death?


He came out of nowhere, like a shadow hiding in pitch darkness and turned Emily’s world upside down. Was she a victim of circumstance or part of a more sinister plan? After fighting, begging, and even praying for her freedom fails, she is given a choice … succumb to her Shadow’s commands or die. What Emily did not expect, was her unexplainable desire for her captor.

Brody Beckett thirsts for revenge. He wants those who wronged him to suffer, to bleed, and he’ll stop at nothing to achieve his goals. The last thing he needs is to go all soft on the beautiful woman who stars in each and every one of his nightmares. When doubt and suspicion seep in, Brody wonders if he could uncover the whole truth before he sentences Emily to a fate worse than death.

 After I get done with some of these projects, I will be getting back to finishing up my PACK WARRIOR series with BETA WARS and GAMMA TRIALS.  

And don't forget to catch me all month long at the NeverEnding Event of Twelve on Facebook.  This is the brainchild of the fabulous host with the most, John Tucker, where every month another dozen authors are featured.  I'll be posting games, a chance to win prizes, teasers, excerpts, and more fun stuff.  I'll also be doing a takeover on June 24th from 7-9 PM.  

Hope to see you all there.  And thanks so much for stopping by.  :)

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