Thursday, June 25, 2015


It's Q&A time with me at the Sizzling Summer Reads party, hosted by The Romance Reviews. 
UNSHATTERED will be featured on June 26-30 and on June 26th, answer a Q&A question for your chance to win a copy of UNSHATTERED (Silver Cliff #1).   A Hint and a fun fact can be found in the extras section of my blog:

Don't forget to rack up those points with all the games.  Register and log in for your points to be tracked.  It's free and easy.  There are over 350 authors participating and over 350 prizes to be won including a $100 Grand Prize. 

I would also like to congratulate again, Carlota Yoguez and Donna Sweeney (Missy) for winning my "Name a B*tchy character" in my next book, Ocean's Three (Made in Heaven #2).  They will both receive an Ebook copy on release day.  And everyone who participated in this contest will have an extra chance to win a free Ebook copy on release day. 

And lastly, the trailer for UNSHATTERED has been entered into the Book Trailer Festival, which is a spinoff of Film Trailer Fest. the trailer for UNSHATTERED was done by the very talented Sheilah Randall, Indigo-Ashe Book Trailers. Crossing my fingers for her to win. You can check out the entry here:

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